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Western Specialities

Pani Puri Shots

(8 pcs) Crispy Puffs Filled w/ Potato Bean Mixture Dipped in Spicy Cilantro & Tamarind Masala Waters

Bombay Bhel

Crisp Rice Savories Topped w/ Tomatoes & Onions & Tossed in Sweet and Spicy Chutneys

Papdi Chaat

Flour Crisps, Spiced Potatoes,
Black Garbanzo Beans
Crunchy Turmeric Nano Noodles
w/ Yogurt &  Chutney Mix

Sev Dahi Puri

Crispy Puffs Topped w/ Masala,
Yogurt & Chutneys

Pav Bhaji

Grilled Veggies in Special Masala Mix
Served w/ Bread

Sev Ussal

Crispy Noodles Soaked in
Masala Pea Soup


Spicy Potato Patty Sliders
w/ Triple Chutney Mix


Potato Coconut Covered Green Veggie
Masala Mix Fried Dumplings

Ragda Patties

2 Potato Cutlet Patties
in Masala Pea Stew

Vada Pav (2 pcs)

Two slider buns stuffed with spicy mashed potato vada smeared with butter, mint and tamarind chutneys served with crispy Chilli fries and garden salad. Simply Delicious!


Steamed Flour Yogurt Rolls
Covered in Coconut &  Cilantro

Nylon Dhokla (6 pcs)

6 Large Pieces of
Lentil Flour/Soft & Fluffy

Khaman Dhokla (6 pcs)

6 Large Pieces of Yellow Split Peas,
Ginger, Turmeric

Northern Specialities

Samosas (2 pcs)

Turnover Stuffed w/ Potato & Pea Masala
Medley served with
Sweet and Spicy Chutney

Samosa Chaat

2 Samosas Soaked in
Chole (Garbanzo Bean Curry)
and Chutney Mix

Chole Bhature

Garbanzo Bean Curry
w/ Thick Fluffy Fried Bread

Aloo Paratha

Potato Stuffed Flatbread w/ Punjabi Choley (Garbanzo Bean Curry), Yogurt & Salad

Poori Bhaji

Thin Fluffy Fried Bread
w/ Potato Onion Curry

Bread Pakora

Breaded Dumplings w/ Potato, Butter
& Green Chutney Filing

Amritsari Kulcha with Chole

Special Bread from Amritsar India
w/ Garbanzo Bean Curry/Served w/ Yogurt

Mixed Pakora Platter

Mixed Vegetable Fritters

Southern Specialities

Idli Sambar (2 pcs)

Steamed Rice Patties
w/ Sambar (Special Southern Soup)

Medu Vada w/ Sambar (2 pcs)

Deep-Fried Flour Fritters
w/ Sambar  (Special Southern Soup)


Special Southern Rice Cooked in Several Veggies
Served w/Mixed Pickles

Aloo Bonda

Spiced Potato in Cilantro
Masala Mix Dumplings

Idli Vada Combo

2 Idlis & 2 Vadas served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys”


Rice Crepes Served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys)

Pick One:

Tulsi Special Masala Dosa Ghee Masala Dosa Mysore Masala Dosa
Gunpowder Masala Dosa Mangalore Masala Dosa Gongura Masala
Chili Cheese Dosa


Thick Rice Pancake Served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys)

Pick One:

Onion Chili Tomato Uttapam Podi Uttapam Tomato Peas Uttapam
Chili Cheese Uttapam

Tulsi Curry Combos

Mix & Match

All Combos Include

Curries, Bread, Rice, Dal Soup, Pickles & Yogurt Raita

Two Curry Combo

Three Curry Combo

Tulsi Family Meal

Serves up to 4

Step 1- Pick Your Bread

Tandoori Roti

(Traditional Thin Flatbread)

Plain or Butter Naan

(Thick Flatbread)

Garlic Naan

(Thick Flatbread with Garlic)

Step 2- Pick Your Rice

Jeera Pea Rice Pilaf

Peas and Cumin Seeds

Lemon Rice

Lemony Tangy Deliciousness

Step 3- Pick Your Dal Soup

Yellow Tadka Dal

Makhani Dal

Step 4- Pick Your Curries

Western Curries

(Mix Veggie Medley)

Eggplant & Peas

Cabbage & Potatoes

Potatoes & Tomatoes

Bell Pepper Curry

Northern Curries

Curried Pakoras
(Fritters in Yogurt & Tulsi Signature Sauce) 

Paneer Tikka Masala
(Fresh Cheese in Creamy Masala Gravy)

Chana Saag
(Garbanzo Beans & Spinach)

Achari Cauliflower
(Stir Fry Cauliflower)

Malai Kofta
(Potato & Cheese Fritters in Creamy Sauce)

Navratan Korma
(Mixed Vegetable Curry)

Channa Masala
(Garbanzo Bean Curry)

Southern Curries

Ridge Gourd
(Bittermelon Stew)

Vegetable Chettinad
(Mixed Veggies, Coconut &
Special Southern Spice)

Raw Banana Poriyal
(Sauteed Raw Banana Curry)

Okra Mor Kuzhambu
(Okra in Coconut Milk & Yogurt)


Ennai Kathirkai
(Eggplant Curry)

Upgrade Your Combo:

Add Any Custom Made Lassi



Plain “Sweet” Lassi Rose
Strawberry Mango
Dragonfruit Pomegranate
Verry Berry
(Mixed Berries)
Hawaiian Paradise
(Fruit Medley)
Lover’s Paradise
(White Chocolate & Red Sangria)
Roaring Tiger
(Hibiscus w/ Blue Cotton Candy)
Classic Masala Lassi



Silky Smooth Yogurt Treat w/ Pinch of Cardamom

Rasmalai Rabdi

Bengali Cheesecake in Condensed Sweetened Milk

Kheer (Payasam)

A classic South Asian chilled delicacy garnished with mixed nuts and prepared with slow-cooked rice, milk, jaggery, sugar, and saffron!


South Indian Coffee

Mumbai Masala Chai

Perrier Sparkling Water