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Western Specialities

Mumbai Golgappa (10 pcs)

Crispy Puffs Filled w/ Potato Bean Mixture
Dipped in Spicy Tamarind Masala Water-
A Unique Experience

Avocado Bhel

Crunchy Savories Topped w/ Onions,
Tomatoes & Chutney Mix

Papdi Chaat

Flour Crisps, Spiced Potatoes,
Black Garbanzo Beans
Crunchy Turmeric Nano Noodles
w/ Yogurt &  Chutney Mix

Sev Dahi Puri

Crispy Puffs Topped w/ Masala,
Yogurt & Chutneys

Pav Bhaji

Grilled Veggies in Special Masala Mix
Served w/ Bread

Sev Ussal

Crispy Noodles Soaked in
Masala Pea Soup


Spicy Potato Patty Sliders
w/ Triple Chutney Mix


Potato Coconut Covered Green Veggie
Masala Mix Fried Dumplings

Ragda Patties

2 Potato Cutlet Patties
in Masala Pea Stew

Vada Pav (2 pcs)

Spiced Potato Dumpling Sandwiches Topped w/ Masala Mix & Special Garlic Chutney.


Steamed Flour Yogurt Rolls
Covered in Coconut &  Cilantro

Nylon Dhokla (6 pcs)

6 Large Pieces of
Lentil Flour/Soft & Fluffy

Khaman Dhokla (6 pcs)

6 Large Pieces of Yellow Split Peas,
Ginger, Turmeric

Northern Specialities

Samosas (2 pcs)

Turnover Stuffed w/ Potato & Pea Masala
Medley served with
Sweet and Spicy Chutney

Samosa Chaat

2 Samosas Soaked in
Chole (Garbanzo Bean Curry)
and Chutney Mix

Chole Bhature

Garbanzo Bean Curry
w/ Thick Fluffy Fried Bread

Aloo Paratha

Potato Stuffed Flatbread w/ Punjabi Choley (Garbanzo Bean Curry), Yogurt & Salad

Poori Bhaji

Thin Fluffy Fried Bread
w/ Potato Onion Curry

Bread Pakora

Breaded Dumplings w/ Potato, Butter
& Green Chutney Filing

Amritsari Kulcha with Chole

Special Bread from Amritsar India
w/ Garbanzo Bean Curry/Served w/ Yogurt

Mixed Pakora Platter

Mixed Vegetable Fritters

Southern Specialities

Idli Sambar (2 pcs)

Steamed Rice Patties
w/ Sambar (Special Southern Soup)

Medu Vada w/ Sambar (2 pcs)

Deep-Fried Flour Fritters
w/ Sambar  (Special Southern Soup)


Special Southern Rice Cooked in Several Veggies
Served w/Mixed Pickles

Aloo Bonda

Spiced Potato in Cilantro
Masala Mix Dumplings

Idli Vada Combo

2 Idlis & 2 Vadas served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys”


Rice Crepes Served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys)

Pick One:

Tulsi Special Masala Dosa Ghee Masala Dosa Mysore Masala Dosa
Gunpowder Masala Dosa Mangalore Masala Dosa Gongura Masala
Chili Cheese Dosa


Thick Rice Pancake Served w/ Sambar Soup
Coconut & Tomato Chutneys)

Pick One:

Onion Chili Tomato Uttapam Podi Uttapam Tomato Peas Uttapam
Chili Cheese Uttapam

Hera Pheri Combo Meals

Mix & Match

All Combos Include

Curries, Bread, Rice, Dal Soup, Pickles & Yogurt Raita

Two Curry Combo

Three Curry Combo

Tulsi Family Meal

Serves up to 4

Step 1- Pick Your Bread

Tandoori Roti

(Traditional Thin Flatbread)

Plain or Butter Naan

(Thick Flatbread)

Garlic Naan

(Thick Flatbread with Garlic)

Step 2- Pick Your Rice

Jeera Pea Rice Pilaf

Peas and Cumin Seeds

Lemon Rice

Lemony Tangy Deliciousness

Step 3- Pick Your Dal Soup

Yellow Tadka Dal

Makhani Dal

Step 4- Pick Your Curries

Western Curries

(Mix Veggie Medley)

Eggplant & Peas

Cabbage & Potatoes

Potatoes & Tomatoes

Bell Pepper Curry

Northern Curries

Curried Pakoras
(Fritters in Yogurt & Tulsi Signature Sauce) 

Paneer Tikka Masala
(Fresh Cheese in Creamy Masala Gravy)

Chana Saag
(Garbanzo Beans & Spinach)

Achari Cauliflower
(Stir Fry Cauliflower)

Malai Kofta
(Potato & Cheese Fritters in Creamy Sauce)

Navratan Korma
(Mixed Vegetable Curry)

Channa Masala
(Garbanzo Bean Curry)

Southern Curries

Ridge Gourd
(Bittermelon Stew)

Vegetable Chettinad
(Mixed Veggies, Coconut &
Special Southern Spice)

Raw Banana Poriyal
(Sauteed Raw Banana Curry)

Okra Mor Kuzhambu
(Okra in Coconut Milk & Yogurt)


Ennai Kathirkai
(Eggplant Curry)

Upgrade Your Combo:

Add Any Custom Made Lassi



Plain “Sweet” Lassi Rose
Strawberry Mango
Dragonfruit Pomegranate
Verry Berry
(Mixed Berries)
Hawaiian Paradise
(Fruit Medley)
Lover’s Paradise
(White Chocolate & Red Sangria)
Roaring Tiger
(Hibiscus w/ Blue Cotton Candy)
Classic Masala Lassi



Silky Smooth Yogurt Treat w/ Pinch of Cardamom

Rasmalai Rabdi

Bengali Cheesecake in Condensed Sweetened Milk

Kheer (Payasam)

A classic South Asian chilled delicacy garnished with mixed nuts and prepared with slow-cooked rice, milk, jaggery, sugar, and saffron!


South Indian Coffee

Mumbai Masala Chai

Perrier Sparkling Water