Welcome Rowan Residents

Welcome, Rowan Residents.

We are excited to partner with The Community Development & Sustainability Committee to bring you exclusive deals and promotions. And we’re kicking it off with a Valentine’s Weekend Special!

About Tulsi Indian Eatery:

Tulsi is on a mission to bring the diversity of India’s regional cuisines to DTLA. The menu is lovingly crafted to celebrate the spectrum of dishes that the country has to offer, and is a unique departure from your typical Tikka Masala joint. Plant-based and flavor-forward, everything is made entirely from scratch – they even have their own flour mill in the kitchen to create their famous Dosa batter! Tulsi is thrilled to be part of the DTLA community, whose cultural fabric is as diverse as the cuisine it wishes to share and celebrate. 

Use Code “RowanLove”

and get Valentine’s Weekend Special for two for only $34.99.

The prix-fixe meal for two is a complete departure from our regular menu, featuring seven courses that highlight the culinary diffusion between India and its neighbors. It will only be available from 2/12-2/14. The list price is $39.99 for the set, but it will be $34.99 for Rowan residents!

Take a look at the items offered below:

Desi Manchow Soup

A Meghalayan style hot & sour soup with vegetables flavored with generous doses of soy sauce.

Chinese Bhel

An Indo-Chinese food recipe served with fried, crispy noodles tossed in a sauce that is both sweet & sour.

Gobi 65

Batter fried crispy cauliflower florets seasoned with spicy masala  & topped with curry leaves.

Chilli Paneer

Paneer tossed in a chili garlic sauce along with some Bell peppers to go with it too; all garnished with loads of spring onions.

Hakka noodles

Indian-Chinese style stir fry noodles loaded with vegetables and served with pyaar (love).

Thai fried rice

Wok tossed rice & scallion packed with aromatic flavors and it also has a nice crunch to it from the cashews

Chocolate wonton

Warm, crunchy & gooey chocolate filled dumplings that would truly melt your heart away!

Use Code “RowanLove”

and get Valentine’s Weekend Special for two for only $34.99.